MSA Elections FAQ

Why is the MSA Board important?
The MSA Board plays a fundamental role in improving working conditions and ensuring members have a strong voice at MacEwan.

Do I need prior experience?
No, you do not need prior experience. All members of the MSA Board are offered labour relations training and office staff are always on hand to assist with questions and concerns.

Will I be granted time away from my position?
As stated in the Collective Agreement 8.0.3, elected members of the MSA Board are granted up to seven (7) hours per month to attend MSA Board meetings and/or other meetings scheduled on behalf of MSA. (President, Vice-President, and Past President have increased release time.) See role descriptions below for the approximate volunteer hours per month.

What’s in it for me?
Not only will you meet new colleagues and play a fundamental role in improving working conditions at MacEwan, you’ll also gain new skills through hands-on experience. And serving on the MSA Board will look excellent on a resume!

Getting Your Bike Road Ready

The MacEwan Staff Association invites you to join the April Tidbit Café
Getting Your Bike Road Ready

Join Edmonton Bicycle Commuters and learn the basics of getting your bike ready for riding season. This session will cover basic safety checks – including checking the adjustment of the various moving parts of your bike, properly securing quick-release hubs, and checking derailleur alignment (i.e. things that, if not addressed, can lead to damage or safety issues. They will also cover proper inflation pressure, drivetrain maintenance (lubrication and cleaning), and minor adjustments to brakes and shifting.

Thursday, April 19, Noon – 1 p.m.
CCC – Room 9-215
ACC – Room 605 (video conference)

Please RSVP
Space is limited at all sites. Confirm your participation by registering at

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Interview with MSA Member Rep Christine Valentine

1. Describe your role as a Member Representative.
As a Member Representative for the MSA, my role is to be a resource for the staff of MacEwan University. This means knowing where to look or where to go to find information––it doesn’t necessarily mean that Member Representatives need to know everything about the Collective Agreement (I sure don’t!). I would say a large part of my role is just to be here in case anyone ever wants to chat about any issue they may be experiencing (good or bad) and to build relationships with other staff members of the University. Continue reading

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