MacEwan University Community Objects to Severe Cuts

November 22, 2019 - by admin - in Announcements

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The MacEwan Staff Association, the Students’ Association of MacEwan University and Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association have put out a joint statement uniting in opposition to the severe 7.9% cut to MacEwan University’s Campus Alberta Grant from the provincial government. They call upon the Minister of Advanced Education to reconsider the severity of the cuts to MacEwan University and work to establish needs-based grants from monies saved from tax credits to improve post-secondary accessibility. Read the full statement here.

“These substantial cuts, which will likely be repeated in the coming years, put the support systems that students rely on at risk. Custodians, support staff and all the non-academic staff at MacEwan help our students thrive and make MacEwan University a great place to learn. Budget cuts also place a higher workload on faculty, with larger class sizes and fewer resources at their disposal. Balanced budgets should not come at the expense of our schools or students… Investing in Alberta’s learners and their places of learning is needed to develop a strong economy and healthy communities.”

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