About Us

MSA is committed to enhancing the work environment and advocating the interests of its members while contributing to the success of the University. (October 23, 2003)

The Non-Academic Staff Association was formed in the early 1980s with the purpose of having a body to promote aims/objectives of the Non-Academic Staff. The goals of that time are still present today. Following a majority vote of members at the Spring General Meeting on the 13th of June 2001, the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) changed their name to the MacEwan Staff Association.

MSA members’ jobs vary thoughout the MacEwan University – this includes administrators, clerical personnel, research analysts, education assistants, finance staff, customer service representatives, mailroom staff, cooks, child care workers, maintenance service workers, custodians, library staff, computer technicians, parking staff, electricians, plumbers, program advisors, graphic designers, marketing consultants, buyers, and event planners.

MSA is a union controlled directly by our members who elect their executive. Under the direction of the executive, MSA staff manage the daily functions of the Union.