MSA Top Ten Facts

Top Ten Facts about the MacEwan Staff Association

  • The MacEwan Staff Association (MSA) is an independently certified union representing approximately 1000 non-academic staff at MacEwan University.
  • The MSA was formed in the early 1980s to promote the aims/objectives of the non-academic staff at Grant MacEwan College. In July 2006, the MSA became a certified union with certification as a bargaining agent by the Alberta Labour Relations Board.
  • The MSA is controlled by the members who elect an executive to represent them. There are thirteen executive members, including one representative from ACC.
  • The MSA acts as the bargaining agent for members, and enters into collective agreements concerning the terms and conditions of work and employment.
  • The MSA represents and supports members in the areas of labour relations and disability management, promotes and enhances professional development for members, encourages advancement by supporting fair and just recruitment and selection processes, and works to protect the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement.
  • All employees of MacEwan University covered by the MacEwan Staff Association collective agreement are required to pay union dues to MSA. This provides the benefits and rights of the agreement whether or not an individual is a voting member of MSA, and they receive representation and support from MSA.
  • The fact that an individual pays dues does not automatically make them a voting member. Membership is an individual’s choice. To become a voting member, please complete an application for membership form and submit it to the MSA office.
  • Active members have voting privileges on major issues such as ratification of collective agreements, and executive elections, as well as access to the MSA Corporate Discount Program and the Health & Wellness Fund.
  • The MSA website is continuously updated with news, events, bios of all executive, professional development information, the Collective Agreement, committees and more.