MacEwan Staff Association Goals and Objectives (as stated in MSA Bylaws):

3.1 Act as the bargaining agent for MSA members and enter into collective agreements concerning terms and conditions of work and employment;

3.2 Interpret, administer and protect the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement;

3.3 Encourage advancement of MSA members by supporting fair and just recruitment and selection practices;

3.4 Educate and communicate MSA mission, goals and objectives to its members to foster member support;

3.5 Promote and support a healthy and safe work environment;

3.6 Build stronger recognition of MSA as equal stakeholders in the University community;

3.7 Promote harmony, dignity and good will among MSA members and the post-secondary community;

3.8 Promote and enhance professional development for MSA members;

3.9 Promote social activities for MSA members.