Negotiation Committee
Lee-Ann Jeffrey (Chair), Harry Oosterhoff, Heather Molzan, Lidija Thompson-Ward

Academic Governance Council
Debbie Couves, Krista Hanscomb

Bylaw Committee
Christine Valentine (Chair), Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Harry Oosterhoff, Cathy Pruden

Communications Committee
Trevor Beck, Simone Chan, Karleen Hoggins, Eric Engelbert, Tamara Gajanovic, Claire Duggan, Michelle Murphy

Job Evaluation and Classification Review
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey

Professional Development Committee
Erika Pinder (Chair), Victoria Lee, Lori Melnychuk, Keri Klimchuk, Cindy Hunt, Shawna Charles, Garson Law, Lee-Ann Jeffrey

Sick Leave and Disability Management
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey

Social Committee
The MacEwan Staff Association Social Committee endeavors to provide our members with fun social activities throughout the year. Our committee members are  Lee-Ann Jeffrey (Chair), Nicole Moeller, Cathy Pruden, Shannon Wilson, Christine Shi, Monya Sonnleitner, Mabel Garcia, Jess Walker

MSA Financial Committee
Erin Walton, Heather Molzan, Cathy Pruden, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Wendy Kuzio, Celine Miller, Katelyn Narain

Health and Wellness Committee
Erin Walton, Cathy Pruden, Deepinder Dhillon, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Karen Pritchard, Victoria Lee, Jenni Varughese

Joint Benefits Committee
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Harry Oosterhoff

MSA Human Resources Committee
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Erin Walton, Troy Donovan, Shawna Jansen