Negotiation Committee
Lee-Ann Jeffrey (Chair), Harry Oosterhoff, Heather Molzan, Lidija Thompson-Ward

Academic Governance Council
Debbie Couves, Krista Hanscomb

Bylaw Committee
Christine Valentine (Chair), Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Heather Molzan, Suzanne Fournier, Harry Oosterhoff, Cathy Pruden

Communications Committee
Trevor Beck, Simone Chan, Karleen Hoggins, Eric Engelbert, Tamara Gajanovic, Claire Duggan, Michelle Murphy

Job Evaluation and Classification Review
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey

Professional Development Committee
Erika Pinder (Chair), Victoria Lee, Lori Melnychuk, Keri Klimchuk, Cindy Hunt, Shawna Charles

Sick Leave and Disability Management
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey

Social Committee
The MacEwan Staff Association Social Committee endeavors to provide our members with fun social activities throughout the year. Our committee members are  Lee-Ann Jeffrey (Chair), Nicole Moeller, Cathy Pruden, Shannon Wilson, Christine Shi, Monya Sonnleitner, Mabel Garcia, Jess Walker

MSA Financial Committee
Erin Walton, Heather Molzan, Cathy Pruden, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Wendy Kuzio, Celine Miller, Katelyn Narain

Health and Wellness Committee
Erin Walton, Cathy Pruden, Deepinder Dhillon, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Karen Pritchard, Victoria Lee, Jenni Varughese

Joint Benefits Committee
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Harry Oosterhoff

MSA Human Resources Committee
Donna-Mae Winquist, Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Erin Walton, Troy Donovan, Shawna Jansen