Counselling Services

Help is just a phone call away. As part of your benefit plan, you have access to the Resilience program. Resilience is an employee assistance program available from your employer exclusively through Manulife Financial. If you or an eligible family member have a problem or need advice and someone to talk to, this service offers expert assistance from caring professionals. Resilience can help with issues ranging from general health and stress to addiction and anger management.

They also offer services such as:

• Legal advisory services
• Financial advisory services
• Career Counselling
• Retirement Planning
• Elder and Family Care
• Nutritional Support and more!

To access Resilience, you will need a plan contact number which is 98913, as well as a Number Certificate Number which is your Peoplesoft Empl I.D. #, found on your pay advice.

To get more information or to access Resilience, call 1.866.644.0326, visit the Resilience website, or pick up a brochure at the MS Office.