Donations Needed!

Aspiring Women in Leadership and Legacy (AWiLL) Pack a Purse Campaign

In 2017 AWiLL began the “Pack a Purse, Pay it Forward” initiative with The nook Cafe. They collected donations of gently used handbags and new toiletries. They then donated the filled purses to organizations serving the vulnerable in Edmonton, such as The Mustard Seed, Sacred Heart Church, Bissell Centre, Boyle Street, Salvation Army, Bent Arrow, and E4C. In some cases, the purses were delivered directly to those living on the street.

Over 275 purses were distributed in the first year, 463 full handbags were provided in 2018. This year their goal is to pack and distribute 1,000 purses. To do this, they need purses and toiletries!  They’ve asked us to help them by sharing this request with our colleagues and friends. The campaign to collect purses and toiletries will run from Sep 3 – Sep 30 with drop-offs at several locations throughout the city. And, they have two official packing days: October 19, at Alex Taylor School, 9321 Jasper Ave and October 24 at Kingsway Garden Mall. They are also looking for volunteers to help them – and monetary donations are welcome too!

Here’s a link with additional information:

List of items they are looking for: 

  • Gently used handbags
  • Deodorant (20-25 gr)
  • Femine Hygiene products (any size, any amount)
  • Hairbrush / Comb 
  • Kleenex packages (individual)
  • Mitts (any size)
  • Shampoo (~250 ml)
  • Skin lotion (~250 ml)
  • Soap/Body wash (1 bar/~250 ml)
  • Socks (any size, any type)
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste (~50 ml)
  • Underwear (any size)

The sizes are approximate – honestly, any donation is welcome. Last year they had some large items (e.g full size shampoo), which wouldn’t fit in all the purses. 

Donation Drop Off Locations:

MSA Office (7-102D, CCC)

S. Fournier (628 ACC)

University Services Centre (at Reception)