Election Nominees 2018

President (1)
Jason Steele  |  Donna-Mae Winquist

Member Representative (3)
Stacey Anderson |  Sarah Butler  |  Jeanne Ehui |
Sarah Fee |  Celine Miller | Wendy Kuzio

Chair, Professional Development Committee (1)
Erika Pinder
Presidential Nominees

Jason Steele
Student Financial Aid
7-113A CCC
780.497.5133 | steelej5@macewan.ca  

If elected as MacEwan Staff Association President, I would commit to accomplishing the following agenda:

  • Membership Engagement – I would personally engage in quality conversations with willing MSAmembers to gain an understanding of the issues and priorities the membership deems important. More interactive and effective membership meetings to ensure the directions and priorities of the membership are being met.
  • Professional Development – An increase in professional development funding to the membership and/or their dependents.
  • Transparency – Increased transparency on the decisions, financials, and operations of the MSA.
  • Service Offering – An increase in service offerings valued by the membership.
  • Professional Representatives – A focus on getting the right people to provide professional advice to the members.
  • Modernizing – Organizing the union to be a relevant, responsive and competitive organization in the 21st

Jason Steele graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Memorial University. He has a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Toronto and is completing a Certificate in Business Analysis from The Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania).

He has spent the past seven years of his professional career working for various government portfolios including health care, social housing and post-secondary education. Prior to working in the public sector, Jason was employed in the investment industry for nearly a decade. He joined MacEwan University in September 2016 as a Divisional Accountant with the Faculty of Arts and Science and is currently supporting the newly created Student Financial Aid Office.

Jason was very active with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE). He was AUPE Local 54 Treasurer, served on the Provincial Executive, and acted as a Union Steward for his area. He was strong advocate for the membership and committed to doing what was right for the members.

Jason is very involved in politics at all levels – municipal, provincial and federal. He has spent the past three years building relationships with various politicians, advocating for public policy that best serves the people and engaging individuals about their thoughts and prospective on government.

In his spare time Jason enjoys theatre, sampling new types of snacks and telling short stories.

To discuss my vision of the MSA please feel free to contact me through the below channels:

Call or Text: 780-257-8010
Website: www.jasonsteele-msa2018.com
E-mail: <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=fX5-2BMnp-2BZwJxMgwoS0xZbAgMQRBCbyk5UzV2FUJablox_19>

Donna-Mae Winquist
MacEwan Staff Association
7-102D CCC
780-497-5175 | <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=QHZjLGFXfhdGHQ86XExLYQMPTwJablox_19>

Hello MSA Colleagues:

I have been honoured to represent you as President of the MacEwan Staff Association since 2002, and, with your support, I would like to continue to serve on your behalf. I am asking for your vote.

MSA members are a vital and important stakeholder in the MacEwan University community. As MacEwan has evolved over the years from a community college to a University, the MSA has evolved and changed as well. MSA is now an organization that is approximately 1000 members strong. The MSA Board, membership, and staff have worked with the University to develop terms and conditions of employment that make MacEwan University a place where we can all be proud to work. But there is still work to be done!

The President is responsible for furthering MSA goals and objectives, including the promotion and support of a healthy and safe work environment and the promotion of harmony, dignity and good will among MSA members and the post-secondary community. As your leader, I have been a strong advocate on your behalf about the issues that matter to you, and I pledge to continue this work.

I first became involved with the MSA as a member of the Negotiating team because I was passionate about seeing substantive positive change for employees especially regarding continuing status, benefits and pension. I then served as Vice-President and then President. I have represented MSA members on numerous committees and consultations both internally and externally, including the Post-Secondary Education Task Force, Alberta Government’s Essential Services Consultation and the promotion of the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

Going forward, I believe that developing and strengthening relationships with senior administration, the MacEwan Board of Governors, the Faculty and Students’ Associations and with our MacEwan out-of-scope colleagues will continue to be important work for the MSA. External relationships with other similar and like-minded organizations/unions and government will also continue to be a priority for myself and the executive. Working together we can accomplish much.

I have been a MacEwan employee for many years and during that time I have held several positions within the University, including Resource Person for the Consumer Education Project and Career Development Project; Supervisor for the Career Development Program, the Native Women Pre-Employment Project, and A Step at a Time Project; as well as Manager of the Minerva Senior Studies Institute. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics, a Master’s Certificate in Project Management, and the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging designation. I also have certificates in Labour Management Relations, Change Management, Conflict Management, Mental Health First Aid, Supervisory Development as well as training in negotiations and investigations. I am currently a student in the Business Analysis Certificate program. I am a wife, proud mother of 3 children, love books, movies and hockey.

Once again, I would appreciate your support for President, and if you have any questions or would like to learn more about me, the role of president, or the operation of the MSA, please feel free to stop in at the MSA office at 7-102D, email me at <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=QHZjLGFXfhdGHQ86XExLYQMPTwJablox_19> or call me at 5175.


Member Representative Nominees

Stacey Anderson
Sport and Wellness | 8-122 CCC
780.497.5300 |  <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=dnFpOGZNYg1xb1Btf0RdYwhWTQ0NPnhablox_19>

I am the tall smiling face during the day at Sport and Wellness. I have been in my position for 3.5 years and was a student at MacEwan before that. I am excited by the opportunity to serve on the MSA Board to bring a youthful perspective and voice, and to help improve our working conditions and environment.

My position at the front desk of Sport & Wellness provides a great opportunity to interact with many staff and students. My dream for all MSA members is that we become millionaires and our work environment includes palm trees, sand and sun; perhaps minor modifications to the swimming pool deck will be required. All kidding aside, I would welcome the chance to represent you and hear your perspective on the priorities for our work community at MacEwan.

Please stop by at any time and say hi, I look forward to meeting you.

Sarah Butler
Office of the University Registrar | 7-115G
780.497.5136 | <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=VWp5MXFMXlEyHQ86XExLYQMPTwJablox_19>

Sarah embraced the art of communication beginning with her work in Talk Radio, Real Estate Sales, Not-for-profit Housing, and now University Administration. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Honors Philosophy from Western University and a MacEwan University Diploma in Library and Information Technology (with distinction). Impressed by her own student experience, Sarah began working in The Office of the University Registrar shortly after graduating in 2015.  She supports student goals while upholding the values of our University through careful attention to student concerns and an approachable communication style.  She refined her skills as a compassionate listener by volunteering as a Distress Line Listener with CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) and as a Facilitator for GELA’s (Greater Edmonton Library Association) Storybook Project. As an enthusiastic collaborator, Sarah is motivated to become an MSA Member Representative to optimize staff conditions and empower people to thrive in their work. Sarah enjoys making memories with her blended family in the home she shares with her husband in Griesbach. For relaxation, she can often be found exploring movement practices in a hot yoga studio or sharing her passion for nutrition and wellness. Call ext. 5136 to get the conversation started!

Jeanne Ehui
Residence Management | 1-110 RES

My name is Jeanne A. While I worked on my psychology degree at MacEwan, I held a casual position at MacEwan University Sport & Wellness. I was in this role for 6 years, then took on a full-time continuing position at MacEwan University Residence in September 2018. In applying for the Member Representative position, I hope to lend to the diversity of the board and bring a fresh new perspective to meetings.

In our current and past agreements, casuals have not been given a foundation on which they can stand on, as such I believe as fellow employees, they need to be better represented in board meetings and in the next collective agreement. Having a board member that understands the casual employee experience and perspective would make it easier for these members to approach MSA and better utilize their services.

Sarah Fee
Finance | 10-618H
780.497.5010 | <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=UXpoDlRTbABnKgM1EUpdWm5aMQ-3D-3D_19>

I have been a part of MacEwan since 2002. I began my employment in Financial Services as a student in the accounting co-op program, and soon after was hired as a full time continuing employee. In my current role as Accounting Technician III, I work on outstanding tuition fee collection and the T2202A tuition tax receipts.  Every day at MacEwan is a different and exciting adventure! Outside of MacEwan I love to spend time with my husband, son and daughter. We love road trips, getting out and exploring Edmonton and cooking together.

I would be honoured to serve MacEwan employees as a member representative

Celine Miller
Office of the General Counsel 10-632A
780.497.5054 | MillerC@macewan.ca

As a graduate, I have been at MacEwan for 30 years, holding administrative support positions with the School of Business, Faculty Development, Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA), and currently, the Office of General Counsel. In these roles, I have had the opportunity to make lasting connections with MSA members from across the university. My past position with GMUFA provided me with the opportunity to listen to member concerns and connect members with the appropriate resources, and observe the interpretation and application of the collective agreement to a variety of situations.

I believe that the strength of a professional association lies with its members, and that members need to be able to voice their concerns and express their opinions and ideas in a safe and supportive environment. I am a friendly, caring, and approachable person who would welcome the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to serve MSA by listening to members and helping them to address their challenges and bring forward their ideas.

Please consider electing Celine to the position of Member Representative. Thank you.

Wendy Kuzio
Business | 5-256 CCC
780.497.5387 | <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=fGp3NHtJTQ5jPgcsXkcSYwxablox_19>

Prior to becoming part of the MacEwan family in 1995, I was a student in the Office Assistant program (Legal major). I graduated on the Dean’s List and received the Dr. Charles Allard Award. Over the last 20 years I’ve provided administrative support to various programs within the School of Business, including the Legal Assistant, Voluntary Sector Management, RCVO, Executive Leadership, Travel, and Insurance programs. Currently, I am the administrative assistant to the Chair in the Department of Decision Sciences.

I value the strong, respectful working relationships I’ve established and maintained over the years and look forward to forming many more university-wide as your Member Representative.

In my spare time, you will find me in the kitchen preparing and sharing my baking and Ukrainian cuisine with family, friends, and co-workers.


Chair, Professional Development Committee, winner by acclamation

Erika Pinder
Finance | 10-618D
780.497.5809 | <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=R3ZjOXFMSCNvPAE-2BSEhSLg5AWm5aMQ-3D-3D_19>

I have been employed at MacEwan University since 2015 after graduating with an Accounting and Strategic Measurement Diploma from MacEwan. I am currently in pursuit of a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Accounting and have plans to enroll in the CPA program.

I currently sit on the MSA Finance Committee and have sat on the PD Committee in the past.

I have always had a passion for employee engagement in the workplace and believe in strong mentorship and professional development. I believe this foundation can provide the employee, as well as the employer, great benefits in the achievement of the strategic plans of the organization as well as growth for employees in their career goals.