MSA Board Role Descriptions

The MSA President acts as an official spokesperson for the MSA, chairs all meetings of MSA and Board and acts as a signing authority. As well, the President is an ex-officio of all MSA standing committees, assigns responsibilities of the office to members of the Bord, presents an annual report and encourages liaison between MSA and other individuals/groups. Elected for a term of two years.
Current term expires: June 30, 2018

The MSA Vice-President assists the President, carries out the duties of the President in President’s absence, fills other duties as assigned by the President and serves as the Board Representative on the Negotiations Committee. Elected for a term of two years. Current term expires: June 30, 2019

The Secretary/Treasurer attends and records all meetings of MSA and the Board and is responsible for: maintaining official records of MSA, routine correspondence, administering financial affairs of MSA as directed by the Board, maintaining accurate and proper records of financial transactions, presenting a budget for the upcoming fiscal year for the Board’s review and presenting an annual report. Elected for a term of two years. Current term expires: June 30, 2018

The Directors fulfill duties and responsibilities as required by the Board and liaise between the Board and the MSA members (particularly those on their respective campuses). Directors serve for a term of two years, and shall receive time off with pay to fulfill duties as required from time to time. Serves for a term of two years.
Current CCC(2), ACC terms expire: June 30, 2019
Current CCC (2) terms expire:  June 30, 2018

MSA Member on the Board of Governors
Nominated by the Minister of Advanced Education as the MSA staff member on the Board of Governors. The role includes: interpreting the concerns and decisions to the MSA members, presenting an annual report, communicating regularly with MSA members and presenting quarterly reports and reports as required to the board. Elected prior to expiration of incumbent’s term; for a term of three years and for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Current term expires: June 30, 2018

MSA Member on Academic Governance Council
When an MSA member is elected to the Academic Governance Council, they shall be invited to: present quarterly reports to the Board and to the Annual General Meetings, be a voting member of the MSA Board.
Current terms expire: August 31, 2018 and August 31, 2019

MSA Member as Professional Development Board
Carry out duties as defined by the Professional Development Committee.
Current term expires: June 30, 2018