Financial Award Scholarships

The MacEwan Staff Association supports post-secondary education and is committed to life-long learning. One way the Association demonstrates this is through the financial awards program to its members and legal dependents of its members. The application deadline for 2017/18 has now passed; stay tuned for 2018/19 applications to be released in Fall 2018.

Financial Award for Dependents of MSA Members
In November 2017, MSA gave away four (4) financial award scholarships of $1000 each to dependents of MSA members attending a post-secondary institution. Winners included: Jonah Dunch, dependent of Cynthia Gracey Dunch; Alanna Malzahn, dependent of Tina VanderHeide; Harshil Pisavadia, dependent of Parina Pisavadia; Kyle Wenckowski, dependent of Tina Wenckowski.

Financial Award for Members
In February 2018, MSA gave away two (2) financial award scholarships of up to $500 each to signed MSA members who are enrolled in a credit or non-credit course. Winners included: Meaghan Maynard, Athletics Administration and Brenda Abokhai, Student Financial Aid.