Become A Member

All employees of MacEwan University covered by the MacEwan Staff Association collective agreement are required to pay union dues to MSA. This provides the benefits and rights of the agreement whether or not an individual is a voting member of MSA. The fact that an individual pays dues does not automatically make them a voting member. Membership is an individual’s choice. To become a voting member, please complete an application for membership form and submit it to the MSA office.

What does membership offer?

Active members have a direct say in how we operate and on major issues affecting MSA. It allows you voting privileges on major issues such as ratification of collective agreements, executive elections. In addition to voting privileges it allows you access to the MSA Corporate Discount Program. Further details on these programs can be obtained from the MSA office at 780-497-5697.

Download Membership Form

What Can You Do As A MSA Member?

  • Volunteer on various MSA and University Committees where representation from members is required.
  • Attend Fall and Spring General Meetings and share your concerns and ideas
  • Become a signed voting member of MSA (see above)
  • Take advantage of some of the opportunities provided by being an MSA member:
    – Corporate Discounts
    – Health & Wellness Fund
    – Financial Award for MSA Members and Legal Dependents of MSA Members
    – Social Events
    – Group Home-Auto Insurance –