Celine Miller

Celine Miller


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Celine Miller

MSA Secretary-Treasurer

As a MacEwan graduate, Celine has been at MacEwan for 30 years, holding administrative support positions with the School of Business, Faculty Development, Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA), and currently, the Office of General Counsel. In these roles, she had the opportunity to make lasting connections with MSA members from across the university. Her past position with GMUFA provided her with the opportunity to listen to member concerns and connect members with the appropriate resources, and observe the interpretation and application of the collective agreement to a variety of situations.

Celine believes that the strength of a professional association lies with its members, and that members need to be able to voice their concerns and express their opinions and ideas in a safe and supportive environment. She is a friendly, caring, and approachable person who welcomes the opportunity to use her knowledge and experience to serve MSA by listening to members and helping them to address their challenges and bring forward their ideas.

Term Expires June 30, 2021


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