MSA 2019 Call for Nominations

Make a difference by joining the MSA Board! MSA Board elections will take place this spring. The following roles are up for re-election: Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Member Representative (3 positions). One role is up for by-election: Professional Development Chair

Download the nomination form here: Call for Nominations Spring 2019 Form
Nominations close Thursday, April 18th.

Make a difference by joining the MSA Board! The MSA Board plays a fundamental role in improving working conditions and ensuring members have a strong voice at MacEwan. To run for a board position, you are not required to have past union experience but having a passion for employee issues would be an asset. All members of the MSA Board are offered labour relations training and office staff are always on hand to assist with questions and concerns. As stated in the Collective Agreement 8.0.3, elected members of the MSA Board are granted up to seven (7) hours per month to attend MSA Board meetings and/or other meetings scheduled on behalf of MSA. (President, Vice-President, and Past President have increased release time.) Not only will you gain new skills through hands-on experience, but serving on the MSA Board will look excellent on a resume!

Be involved in behind-the-scenes decision making! The MSA Vice-President serves as the Board Representative on the MSA Negotiation Committee, carries out the duties of the President in President’s absence, MSA representation on various MacEwan committees, and other duties as assigned. As stated in the Collective Agreement, the MSA Vice-President shall be granted 10% release time. Additional release time may be requested by MSA. This is a two-year term, ending June 30th, 2021.

Show off your attention to detail skills! The Secretary/Treasurer attends monthly Board meetings of the MSA Board as well as their spring and fall annual general meetings. With MSA Office support, the Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for administering financial affairs of MSA as directed by the Board, reviewing records of financial transactions, presenting a budget for each fiscal year for the Board’s review, and presenting the annual financial statements to the membership. This is a two-year term, ending June 30th, 2021; the time commitment is approximately 5-10 hours per month.

A crucial role in improving working conditions at MacEwan! Member Representatives act as a liaison between the MSA membership and the Board. Representatives assist members to the best of their ability, referencing the Collective Agreement and/or directing them to the MSA office, Executive Director, and Labour Relations Generalist. Member representatives are the eyes and ears of the membership, bringing members’ questions and concerns to the MSA staff. In addition, they play an important role in shaping how those questions and concerns are addressed. This is a two-year term, ending June 30th, 2021; the time commitment is approximately 3-5 hours per month.

Help direct professional development at MacEwan! The Professional Development Committee serves as an advisory group to Human Resources and a resource group to MSA members on development opportunities and programs at MacEwan. The committee plays an essential role in the design and implementation of a wide variety of personal and professional learning opportunities throughout the year, including the In-Service program. The PD Chair represents MSA on MacEwan’s PD Steering Committee, acts as a liaison between instructors/program advisors, the committee, MSA office staff, MSA Board. This position provides monthly reports to the MSA Board, as well as bi-annual reports to the MSA membership. This is a one-year term to fill an early vacancy to June 30, 2020 with a time commitment of approximately 5-10 hours per month.

For more information please see the MSA Bylaws under 5.0 The Board of Directors found on the MSA website.

If any MSA members are interested in these positions, please complete the attached Call for Nominations Spring 2019 Form including supporting signatures and return along with a short bio to the MSA office at 7-102D, City Centre Campus by Thursday, April 18, 2019.

Nominations for all MSA Board and Committee members must meet the following criteria:

a) completed nomination form;
b) nominee must be a signed voting member of the MSA;
c) nomination form to be signed by two (2) MSA voting members;
d) include a short bio about yourself and your interest in this position;
e) be delivered to the MSA office by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, 2019.

Any questions regarding available positions may be directed to the MSA office at 780.497.5697.

Lidija Thompson-Ward
Returning Officer
MSA 2018 Elections