November Tidbit Cafe

Fighting the Opiate Crisis with a Non-pharmacological Approach
Presented by: Dr. Jiulin Wang, R.Ac., DTCM

The opiate crisis has become more serious within the past 5 years in Canada and the world. Dr. Wang will introduce the opiate crisis and explain the reasons behind it. He will also provide some solutions to encourage people to try a non-pharmacological approach to fight the opiates crisis

Thursday, November 15, 2018
Noon – 1 p.m.
CCC – Room 7-139
ACC – Room 605

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Dr. Jiulin Wang, R.Ac., DTCM

Dr. Wang believes healing starts from within. He is a well-known Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) instructor, practitioner, and researcher in Alberta. A graduate from Nanjing University of TCM (, he received a Bachelor of Medicine in 1985 and a Master of Medicine from the Faculty of TCM, Nanjing University of TCM in 1990.

He joined the faculty of the Acupuncture Diploma Program of Grant MacEwan University in 2001 and was promoted to the Program Chair in 2010. Dr. Wang advocates integration of TCM with Conventional Medicine. He has extensive research experience in TCM-Acupuncture, and has published more than 30 professional papers and books. He is an Editorial Board member for several international journals like Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine (ACAM); Trends in Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Chronicles of Complementary, Alternative & Integrative Medicine; International Journal of Traditional Medicine and Applications (IJTMA). He is a panel member of WHO Working Group on Standard Terminology in Traditional Chinese Medicine.