PD Overview

MacEwan University is committed to creating and fostering professional, career and skill development of its faculty and staff. In partnership with faculty and staff members, MacEwan invests in continuing professional, career and skill development to address current and future needs.

  • Information on the Access to University Learning and Career Development funds can be found here.

Important Tax Information – Professional Development Courses and Learning Activities
Under the University Policy “Employee Access to MacEwan Learning Activities” (D2020), employees may enrol in available, scheduled courses and learning activities without paying tuition to a maximum tuition fee value as established by the university. The tuition value for eligible employees is the equivalent of up to $1,100 per year (July 1 to June 30 of the following year) for a maximum of three courses and/or learning activities at MacEwan. Read more here.

Free to university employees, Lynda.com is a library of online video training resources and tutorials for a variety of subjects from animation, blogs, cameras, photography, to digital publishing, Microsoft Office training and social media, just to name a few. Get more information and get started here.

2017-18 PD Committee
Carolynn Kane, HCS Conferences · <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=fChwU3daXmVDaBRHfhEBCCx6OEla_19> · 780-497-4699
Manuela Buretia, School of Business · <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=VTxsU0ABf2ViZhBTeghOBWMUXno4SVo-3D_19> · 780-497-5204
Keri Klimchuk, H&CS Simulation Centre · <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=XCV3W1cAa2NJSxxRfBpYCiNZXGl6OEla_19>  · 780-633-3411
Victoria Lee, IT Information Security · <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=eyx7YHQFf2tHfBBeMRxOejhJWg-3D-3D_19> · 780-497-5455
Lori Melnychuk, Advising · <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=eixyWE0Ldn1JRzFdfhxKHCwZEWtiejhJWg-3D-3D_19> ·780-497-4714
Erika Pinder, Accounting Services (ACST) · <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=RyBwUlEae0hPahJVaB5BRS4WejhJWg-3D-3D_19>  · 780-497-5809
Cindy Hunt, Sport and Wellness · <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=fzxwQndQXmVDaBRHfhEBCCx6OEla_19>