Tidbit Café

Tidbit Cafés are offered the 3rd Thursday of each month at 12:00 pm. Sessions are hosted at City Centre Campus with video conference services to Alberta College Campus. Video conference sessions will be cancelled if no seats have been reserved by the Friday prior to the event date.

April Tidbit Blended Blended Families

What does family mean to you? Is it the people who are blood related or is it everyone who has a relationship to you in your family?

This session is about building lasting relationships and resolving dilemmas within blended families. Families that are blended often face separation, divorce, adoption and parenting issues. Blended families need to create rules of engagement and set boundaries for the multi-generation relationships.

Come and listen to a few stories and conversation that might help you with your relationships. This is not a session about genealogy.

Thursday, April 18, Noon – 1 p.m.
CCC – Room 7-143
ACC – please email a request so we can see what the interest is for video-conferencing

Please RSVP
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Presenter – Chris Hancock

Chris is the President of the Faculty Association at Grant MacEwan University and teaches in the School of Business. Chris and his wife have raised four great kids in a blended family and have been gifted with six awesome grandsons. His hobbies include gardening, fishing, and camping. He is active as a volunteer board member within his community and runs the Alcomdale Water Coop.