Financial Awards, Scholarships, and Bursaries

The MacEwan Staff Association supports post-secondary education and is committed to life-long learning. One way the Association demonstrates this is through the financial awards program to its members and legal dependents of its members. 

Financial Award for Members
MSA will award four (4) financial award scholarships of up to $500 each to signed MSA members who are enrolled in a credit or non-credit course.If you are a full time student and a member of the MSA do take the time to apply for this award. Applications will be accepted from September 30, 2018 to February 15, 2019. Scholarships will be awarded at the end of February, 2019.
This year, we are happy to announce the winners as follows:
Jean Hanson
Parina Pisavadia
Tim Resaul
Jessica Walker


MacEwan Staff Memorial Bursary
In 1999, MSA along with the Faculty, Alumni, and Students Association donated the initial funds to create the MacEwan Staff Memorial Bursary Endowment. MSA makes on-going memorial contributions to commemorate staff members who have passed away, either while in the course of their employment or subsequent to their employment. There are two (2) $500.00 endowment bursaries annually and students eligible for these must demonstrate financial need and be a full-time student at MacEwan.


Financial Award for Dependents of MSA Members
Each year MSA awards four (4) financial award scholarships of $1000.00 each to dependents of our members.
This year we are happy to announce the winners are as follows:
Matthew Salopek, son of Frank Salopek in Facilities
Marko Skeljo, son of Sandra Skeljo in Finance
Wade Seville, son of Patty Seville in Expense, Procurement and Contract Services
Jordan Rennie, son of Tanis Rennie in Arts and Science