Your 2019 MSA Election Candidates

MSA is pleased to announce the following nominations have been submitted for the 2019 MSA Board positions. On-Line voting will take place May 24-31, 2019. All members who are eligible to vote will receive an email with a link that will enable you to vote.


Lee-Ann Jeffrey
I have been with MacEwan University for 18 years, all within the Faculty of Arts & Science.

I first became interested in being a more active MSA member with a call for nominations for the negotiations committee what seems like a million years ago. Since then, I was Secretary/Treasurer and then (and currently) Vice President. These building blocks have been so instrumental in learning what this position entails, and I have learned so much, but as with anything, learning is continuous. One continuously grows, learns and faces new challenges.

I feel that I have brought many strengths to the position of Vice President. I am firm in my beliefs and am not afraid to voice them. I strive to learn as much, and from as many people as possible. Good governance doesn’t mean saying yes to everything and anyone. It is challenging yourself and others. It is always trying to do better, to learn more and be open to new ways of thinking.

I believe in doing my best in whatever capacity I am in, whether it be my work, or my home life.

I am thrilled that more and more people are interested in being a larger part of MSA. This shows we are doing something right, and that our engagement of our membership is working. I would love to continue to be a part of this exciting future!

Ramona Korpan

I’m a writer and project coordinator with the Office of Communications and Marketing, and a member of the MSA bargaining committee. I’ve been at MacEwan for four years.

Over the course of my time here, I’ve been involved in and led a number of projects that have given me the opportunity to work with departments, faculties and individuals across the university – including MSA members, faculty, directors and university leadership. The strong relationships I’ve built across the institution give me insight into the needs and challenges of our membership. As vice president, these relationships will also allow me to advocate for MSA interests and strengthen the role we play in decision-making across the university.

I’m a problem-solver, a strong communicator and a strategic thinker. I’m looking forward to helping guide MSA in a positive direction, and continuing to advocate for all of us.


Sarah Fee
I am enjoying my current role on the MSA board as a Member Representative for the last year. Being part of MSA discussions has offered me a broader understanding of University operations and I have gained perspective on many issues that affect us all. I have engaged in important conversations with many members, assisted them with clarifying issues and positively and successfully impacted the resolution to many concerns. These experiences have provided me with greater clarity of the MSA and how essential it is to all members.

I value the trust, openness and respect I have achieved in my time as Member Representative. The relationships I have established throughout the University are critical to my success in this role. With the vacancy of the Secretary-Treasurer position, I have an opportunity to make a valuable contribution. MSA is in a strong financial position as we move forward through ongoing transition at the University. Having worked in Financial Services for 17 years, I believe I possess many skills that provide suitability to the position and would contribute to my success in this role.

I would appreciate your support and consideration for the role of Secretary-Treasurer. Thank you.

Celine Miller
I have been at the university since my graduation from MacEwan nearly 31 years ago. During this time, I have held administrative support positions with the School of Business, Faculty Development, Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA), and, currently the Office of General Counsel. In these roles, I have had the opportunity to make lasting connections with MSA members from across the university. I also have supported budget and forecast processes, as well as monitored and adhered to budgets, in these positions.

I believe that MSA is only as strong as its members, and, that to make a difference, members need to get involved in the governance of MSA and care for their fellow members. I currently sit on the MSA Board as a Member Representative, MSA Finance Committee, and MSA Negotiation Committee. This MSA experience, along with my budget experience, strong attention to detail, and desire to continue serving the membership of MSA, position me well to be the next Secretary-Treasurer for MSA.

Please vote for me for the position of Secretary-Treasurer on the MSA Board. Thank you.


Davi Grossi 
I am interested in joining MSA as a Member Representative since I believe I have a perspective to share that is often forgotten. As Supervisor, Aquatics, Sport and Wellness, I lead a team of 4 continuing full-time staff and 25 to 30 casual staff.

I first joined MacEwan as an International Student in 2003. Shortly after, I completed my lifeguard training and began working at Sport and Wellness. Despite moving out of province for a few years, I proudly call MacEwan my “second home”.

I have worked as the Aquatics Coordinator at Dalhousie University for a few years, then returned to Alberta and MacEwan as Aquatics Programmer in 2013. My role as Aquatics Supervisor is my third job within the organization. Passionate about water safety and lifesaving, I also serves as President Elect on the board of directors of the Royal Life Saving Society, Alberta and Northwest Territories, and have served on the board for the Nova Scotia branch of the same organization. A lifelong learner, I am also a current MacEwan student, taking courses from the School of Business and expanding my knowledge and interest in Human Resources.

“I look forward to use my experience to support MSA in advocating for its members in this ever-changing organization many of us call home.”

Suzanne Fournier
I have been at MacEwan for nine years and am currently working as a Program Manager in the School of Continuing Education. I am committed to life-long learning and love working with my colleagues and instructors to provide students of all ages with a supportive and engaging learning environment.

As a proud member of MSA, I have been a member rep for the past year and a half, having taken over the position for a colleague who left MacEwan. I also served on the Bylaws Committee for several years. I have a diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from MacEwan as well as certificates in Managing Conflict and Management Essentials.

I am a compassionate, helpful colleague, and am committed to serving MSA members to the best of my ability. In my role as a Member Rep, I bring member concerns and ideas to the Board and am proud to represent the MSA and advocate for staff at Alberta College Campus and across the university. I work hard to provide a supportive ear and safe environment for colleagues who need assistance, whether that involves explaining the Collective Agreement, serving as a sounding board for their concerns, or connecting them with appropriate MSA staff or resources.

I have found serving on the Board to be a very rewarding experience. In addition to learning new skills, it’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to advocate for the best interests of staff within the University community. I would like to continue in this role for another term.

Shawna Jansen
Since starting at MacEwan University in 2002, I have held numerous positions in different schools and faculties while being an active MSA member. Fortunately, this has allowed me to view issues from different angles and understand how and when the union can assist its members in numerous ways. Currently, many of my colleagues come to me with questions because they know I am happy to assist and will ensure they receive the correct information or referral.

In addition to my committee work through my various positions, I have also been a member on different MSA committees through the years such as the Bylaw, PD and Human Resources committees most recently. One of the reasons I have enjoyed my involvement so much is because it has enabled me to meet many people I would not otherwise have contact with, allowing me to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issue’s members may encounter.

I have a sincere interest in continuing my service with the MacEwan Staff Association. As both of the committees I currently serve on will be dissolved, I feel becoming a Member Representative is the natural next step and I look forward to assist any and all those who need it!

Christine Valentine
I have worked at MacEwan University since 2012, after first attending the university as a student. I am the Faculty Governance Administrator for the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, located in Allard Hall. I have a passion for higher education administration and have just completed a master’s degree in Educational Policy Studies with a major in Educational Administration and Leadership at the University of Alberta. In my spare time, I write a blog where I discuss educational administrative issues that affect universities today and share my own academic work at I am interested in helping others and believe strongly in fair and equitable representation of MacEwan’s staff members.


John Ewing

My name is John Ewing and I am currently an MSA member working as an instructional designer with eLearning Office. I am going into my fourth year with MacEwan having been employed at numerous educational institutions in Alberta in various instructional and professional development roles.

I come to MacEwan with a vast background of work experience having worked in mines, sawmills, construction, Canadian military, and other fields that have provided me with a wide perspective on work environments and professional development.

I believe that ongoing learning creates a healthy and thriving work environment where individuals are engaged in personal growth, creativity, and health.

I am interested in serving my MSA colleagues in the capacity of Professional Development Chair and find this a great honour and a privilege to support our members. I believe that MacEwan has great potential in all areas of career growth. I fully appreciate our core values that make for a wonderful collaboration of efforts where MSA members and human resources create a new place in our history.

I invite you to provide ideas that will improve our practices and I will commit myself to supporting you as your representative in professional growth initiatives.