MSA Board 2020/21

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We are pleased to announce that member Yunyan Li has been appointed to the MSA Board position of Professional Development Chair and Ramona Korpan has been appointed to the position of Member Representative. Thank you for putting your names forward. We look forward to your contribution!  

The MSA Board 2020/21 is now complete. Please welcome: 

President, Donna-Mae Winquist  
Vice-President, Lee-Ann Jeffrey  
Secretary/Treasurer, Celine Miller  
Professional Development Chair, Yunyan Li 
Board of Governors Representative, Nina Delling  
Member Representative, Sarah Butler  
Member Representative, Sarah Fee  
Member Representative, Shawna Jansen  
Member Representative, Ramona Korpan 
Member Representative, Renee Peevey  
Member Representative, Christine Valentine 

For bios and contact information, please visit  

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