MSA is proud to be the certified trade union representing the non-academic staff of MacEwan University. We are dedicated to negotiating collective agreements that protect our members’ interests, ensure fair treatment and improve the economic well-being and working conditions of our members.

Some of the people we represent include:

  • administrative assistants,
  • custodians,
  • financial, payroll and systems analysts,
  • student casuals,
  • peace officers & security agents, dispatchers,
  • maintenance workers and groundskeepers,
  • advisors: University & financial aid,
  • lifeguards, lifestyle and fitness consultants,
  • tradespeople: electricians, plumbers,
  • childcare workers,
  • IT/computer professionals,
  • project managers,
  • student recruiters: domestic and international,
  • writers, communications and marketing specialists
  • library technicians and circulation assistants

MacEwan & MSA Collective Agreement: July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

In an effort to be environmentally responsible, the 2019 – 2020 Collective Agreement is primarily available electronically. If you require a printed copy, please contact the MSA office. Thank you for thinking twice before printing.

The negotiations process this year has been radically impacted by the COVID-19 situation as well as changes from the provincial government. The current Collective Agreement remains in full force and effect until a new agreement is ratified by MSA members (see Article 3.0.1 of our agreement). 

MSA Labour Relations Board Filing

MSA has filed two applications with the Alberta Labour Relations Board. This filing is regarding the ongoing jurisdictional determination of MacEwan University employees. For more information, and to read the applications and correspondence, please visit:

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