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Non-Core Dues

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Under legislation (Rand Formula), all employees of the bargaining unit are required to pay core union dues (1.2% of earnings), and your union (MSA) has an obligation to negotiate your collective agreement and fairly represent the members of the bargaining unit in workplace matters. Recently, the Alberta Government implemented additional legislation (Bill 32) requiring unions to:

Specifically disclose to their members the amount that the union spends on non-core causes like charitable and political causes (MSA has always shared and sought membership approval of the MSA budget and annual audited financial statements), and;

Only utilize funds for non-core activities from members who have individually opted-in to contribute towards these.

At the General Membership Meeting of the MSA in the Fall of 2020, a motion was presented and passed to set optional non-core dues at $0.50 per pay period. These non-core dues will be used to continue support of scholarships and bursaries for dependents of our members, minor charitable donations (eg: Edmonton and SAMU food banks),sponsoring periodic Retirees of MacEwan events (ROMU) and membership in organizations like Public Interest Alberta.

Please note that the non-core dues amount has been set as small as possible in the hope that MSA members will continue to support these important causes. Employees may also revoke their decision to support non-core dues at least annually by notifying MSA.

Join the MSA Board!

If you are a signed member, you can be nominated and run for a position on the MSA Board. MSA Elections happen each year in the spring. The following positions comprise the MSA Board of Directors:

  • The Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Six (6) Member Representatives
  • MSA Member on the MacEwan Board of Governors
  • Professional Development Committee Chair

For more information on the MSA Board, view the MSA Board Information page.

Join a Committee!

Throughout the year, MSA requires members to sit on various committees within MacEwan and MSA. If you have a particular area of interest, please let us know. As well, if there is a committee or club you are interested in starting, please contact us. We are currently looking for volunteers for:

Interested? Email m**@**

Retirees of MacEwan University (ROMU)

Are you a retiree of MacEwan? Will you soon be retiring? If so, consider joining the group Retirees of MacEwan University! The group of former Faculty and Staff of MacEwan meet for social events throughout the year. You can contact them at reti****@** or through their social media pages:


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