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MSA Spring Elections

MSA elections are held every spring. In spring 2022, nominations will open for the following MSA board positions (2021-2023 term):

Professional Development committee chair
Member Representative (3 positions)

Join the MSA Board!

If you are a signed member, you can be nominated and run for a position on the MSA Board. MSA Elections happen each year in the spring.
The following positions comprise the MSA Board of Directors:

  • The Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Six (6) Member Representatives
  • MSA Member on the MacEwan Board of Governors
  • Professional Development Committee Chair

For more information on the MSA Board, view the MSA Board Information page.

Join a Committee!

MSA is often looking for members to sit on various committees within MacEwan and MSA. If you have a particular area of interest, please let us know. Some of the current Committees include:

  • Professional Development
  • Member Engagement
  • Communications
  • Health & Wellness
  • Finance

Interested? Email m**@**

Tidbit Cafe’s

MSA’s Member Engagement Committee facilitates Tidbit Café’s for all of our members. Tidbit Café’s are short information sessions on a wide variety of topics that MSA’s members might find interesting. Some previous topics include blended families, Canada’s nutrition guide, how to deal with lower back pain, foot care, expectations of executors, and much more. If you have any ideas for an upcoming Tidbit Café, please contact the MSA office or the Membership Engagement committee.

Member Engagement Committee

Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Chair, A&S Faculty Admin · jeff****@** · 780.497.4709
Christine Shi
Janet Campbell
Sarah Alexander
Rachel Amyotte
Cathy Pruden, MSA Office · m**@** · 780.497.5697
Nicole Moeller, MSA Office · m**@** · 780.497.5697

Retirees of MacEwan University (ROMU)

Are you a retiree of MacEwan? Will you soon be retiring? If so, consider joining the group Retirees of MacEwan University! The group of former Faculty and Staff of MacEwan meet for social events throughout the year. You can contact them at reti****@** or through their social media pages:


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