Ayman Yousuf

Ayman Yousuf


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Ayman Yousuf

MSA Secretary-Treasurer

Ayman has always lived by the words, never ask for less problems, ask for more skills. He is completing his BSc with a major in Physical Sciences, and a minor Economics and has been employed at MacEwan since 2017. Ayman also works in the community as a ClientService Worker for Rehoboth Christian Ministries where he serves persons with disabilities, enabling them to flourish regardless of their limitations.

Ayman has often worked in service of people beginning in his home country of Kenya andthen into Sub-Saharan African countries such as Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania, always striving to do right for the community. He’s had the pleasure of traveling to France,Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. These experiences have built Ayman’s passion for different cultures, peoples, and systems, which help him deliver services compassionately and fairly.

If asked to name one thing about Ayman, it’s that he’ll never not have a smile on his face.He treasures the happiness of his life and that of others above all else. He is serving his first term as Secretary-Treasurer of the MSA, he is the Chair of the Finance Committee, and is a newly appointed Governance Champion. He is honored and humbled by the challenges ahead, fighting for what’s right for his colleagues and the community.


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