Ayman Y. Abdulrahman

Ayman Y. Abdulrahman


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Ayman Y. Abdulrahman

MSA Secretary-Treasurer

I’d consider myself to be a well learned individual in paper, by attaining both my junior and high school diplomas, as well as acquiring a certificate in International Computer Driving License in College prior to joining University. I am currently undertaking my BSc in Physical sciences majoring in Physics and Earth sciences, minor in Economics. In addition to my educational knowledge, I would confidently proclaim that as a result of my life exploits, I’ve come to be well equipped in whatever life throws at me as my life experiences have come shape me into the ‘Great’ man I am today.

I currently work within the Parking and Transportation Department at MacEwan University, as well as a Client Service worker for Rehoboth Christian Ministries, assisting others better themselves given their limitations.

In my life spent in Africa, I’ve been a part of various activities that further made me the person I am today. I say Africa, as my actions were not limited to Kenya, but as a result of the hard work and determination of my parents and the blessings they shone upon us, I was lucky enough to travel to various parts of Central and Eastern Africa namely; Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo, where I took part in various volunteering and community service works, hence enhancing my sense of empathy and compassion towards all. Not only have I visited African countries, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to tour various parts of the European Schengen countries such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg and others, from which I gained my very first sense of actual western civilization and culture that prepped me for life in foreign land.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to put myself out there and fight for what’s right for my colleagues and general community, what I lack in professional experience, I compensate with life experience.


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