Erika Pinder

Erika Pinder

Member Representative

  • Monday - Friday
    8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Erika Pinder

MSA Member Representative

I currently serve as a member of the PD committee, and have previously served as the PD chair back in 2018/2019. It was such an insightful position to be in and I enjoyed very much being able to learn the many dealings of MSA back then. As many will know, things have certainly changed in the last year (and more). It’s important, now, more than ever, that we, grow strong in our voices and continue to be heard in a time where the human connection isn’t quite as prevalent. We must unite to grow together in this time of great change. Not only are we dealing with a change in work environment, but a change in working structure, as well as professional and personal relationship changes. We must continue to ensure that our opinions, ideas, worries, and opportunities continue to remain at the forefront of importance in order to create the best working relationship we can between ourselves (MSA) and MacEwan University.

I look forward to being a voice for you, or even just a sounding board. I believe that the MSA Member position is pivotal in ensuring that all members are heard, and that information be translated as clearly as possible.


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