Mavis Leung

Mavis Leung

Professional Development Chair

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Mavis Leung

With over two decades of experience as a learning solution consultant, I’ve assisted post-secondary faculty in enhancing their educational technology competencies. Observing the dynamic shifts in organizational learning and development, I’ve gained valuable insights into evolving trends. My commitment to lifelong learning led me to earn the Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation in 2022, showcasing my dedication to staying updated in the field.

As the current Chair of the MSA Professional Development Committee (PDC), my focus is on fostering collaboration and support among members. Initiatives such as the Direct-Reimbursement Fund and Group PD Workshops (formerly known as In-Service) empower our community financially and through collaborative learning.

As a member of the University’s Professional Development Steering Committee, I bridge the gap between MSA and the wider university community, ensuring effective communication and collaboration. Moving forward, I’m dedicated to enhancing members’ access to university-wide PD resources and simplifying processes through collaboration with HR.

My goal is to establish a robust reskilling and upskilling program within our MSA community. By offering targeted programs and fostering a growth mindset, we’ll navigate the evolving landscape together, ensuring every member receives the support they need to thrive.

Term expires: June 30, 2026


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