If you are a non-academic employee of MacEwan University, you are (or should be) part of the MSA bargaining unit. This means that you benefit from the collective agreement that has been negotiated by MSA with MacEwan University and which forms the basis of your employment terms and conditions. MacEwan University is contractually and legally obligated to deduct and remit Union dues to MSA for employees covered by the collective agreement. Because of this, MSA also has a legal duty to promote the collective interests of the non-academic employee group, and to fairly represent you in workplace matters. As a member of the bargaining unit, you also have the right to vote on the collective agreement. This is true whether or not you choose to become a signed, card-carrying member of MSA!

Signed members of MSA receive additional benefits!

Some things that are exclusive to signed members (current and in good standing):

  • You have the right to vote on matters involving the governance of MSA:
    • Elections for MSA Board positions
    • Changes to the MSA Constitution and Bylaws
  • You have the right to serve in an official capacity in elected positions on the MSA Board
  • You can receive Member Discounts from partnering vendors
  • You are eligible to apply for exclusive Scholarships and Bursaries specific to MSA signed members
  • You can access additional website content

If you already pay dues, why not have a say in your association?

Click the image below to download the MSA membership application form and submit it to the MSA office.  Once your application has been processed, your MacEwan email address will be the username for login to our website and your new MSA Member ID number will be your website password.

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