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The following members have been acclaimed to their positions on the MSA Board. Welcome to all of you!


Ayman Abdulrahman
I, Refugee Claimant, Ayman Yousuf Abdulrahman but prefer to go with Ayman Yousuf, born on August 23, 1996 in a small town on the Coast of Kenya called Mombasa. I started off with stating I am a refugee claimant as my status switched from International Student to a Refugee claimant within Canada.

 I would consider myself to be a well learned individual in paper, by attaining both my junior and high school diplomas, as well as acquiring a certificate in International Computer Driving License in College prior to joining University. In addition to my educational knowledge, I would confidently proclaim that because of my life exploits, I have come to be well equipped in whatever life throws at me as my life experiences have come shape me into the man I am today.

In my life spent in Africa, I have been a part of various activities that further made me the person I am today. I say Africa, as my actions were not limited to Kenya, but because of the hard work and determination of my parents and the blessings they shone upon us, I was lucky enough to travel to various parts of Central and Eastern Africa namely, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Congo, where I took part in various volunteering and community service works, hence enhancing my sense of empathy and compassion towards all. Not only have I visited African countries, but I have also been fortunate enough to tour various parts of the European Schengen countries such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and others, from which I gained my very first sense of actual western civilization and culture that prepped me for life in a foreign land.

Not until the year 2015 did I gain my acceptance into MacEwan University, In the BSc Physical Sciences Department Majoring in PHYSICS and EARTH SCIENCES and Minor in ECONOMICS. I’d say that signaled commencement of my journey and life in a foreign land as not only an international student, but also a temporary resident in the great lands of Canada, to which not only became my temporal home but permanent as to date.

Coming to Canada, I had various goals; gain International level education, attain a sense of International understanding, and take back home the positive knowledge and experiences attained. But I go back to my opening statement, my father being of Congolese decent always had a passion of going back to his homeland, from which he fled as a result of the wars and genocide that occurred when he was younger.

 After years passed and my siblings and I grew older, my father chose to invest back into his motherland, but as the wise men say, “Misfortunes never come singly.” This proved to be a difficult fit as the complexion of our skin, even in Africa as a mixed race proved difficult. This led to problems after problems forcing my family to move to Canada, as life in Kenya became unbearable with constant threats from rebellions against his humanitarian works, as well as the economy plummeting from the rise of terrorist groups, political conflict, and high levels of corruption.

Within Canada my first occupation was volunteering as a customer service representative and mentor for teenagers, shortly after I got hired to work at a Tim Hortons for about 3 years where I gained my main income. November 9th, 2017 I was hired by a fantastic man, Mr. James Macdonald, to work here at this fine institution. In addition to my above occupational careers, since November of 2018, I have been actively working as a Client Service Worker with peoples of disabilities, with a goal of enabling my clients to achieve and pursue betterment in their quality of life, and further empowering them to flourish in whatever act of life they choose to take.

Currently, I am mainly working in the Parking and Transportation Department within MacEwan University, and as a Client Service Worker for Rehoboth Christian Ministries but have taken a break from school as I accumulate the funds required to continue my education as well as prioritizing my refugee claimant case within Canada as I soon apply for my Permanent Residency.


Lee-Ann Jeffrey
I am now in my 20th year at MacEwan, all spent in the Faculty of Arts & Science. When I started we were just a community college, and now we are a University,  MSA was an association, but thanks to President Winquist and the board at the time (2006), we are now a Union. It is amazing how far we have come, but we also have the future to look towards.

I have been involved with MSA since my start at MacEwan, first as part of the membership that would attend meetings, then by asking questions at meetings, and finally by being part of the board and various committees. This has truly been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love MSA –  the union, and the membership. We are more than just a Union here at MacEwan, we are a community. We have so many people working hard to make our community better, and I am continuously invigorated by the enthusiasm, confidence and camaraderie that is the makeup of an MSA member.

I would love another term as Vice President. We have yet to conclude our latest negotiations and I would like to continue on with the fabulous team we have until conclusion. I have thoroughly enjoyed being Vice President. I have learned much, but there is still more for me to learn. Everyone that knows me, knows how much I enjoy this aspect of my life. I truly believe in working my hardest for all MSA, not just a few.

As a Union, we are going through many changes, and I enjoy being part of that change, and want to continue. These are exciting times we are in, and I am hopeful that as time goes on, more and more of our members become involved with the MSA –  as committee members, as board members, or as vocal parts of the general membership.  

On a personal note,  I love animals, the outdoors, gardening, reading, travelling and many other hobbies. I love spending time with family and friends, and hope that this pandemic is over soon so I am able to do so.

Thank you to all that have supported and encouraged me over the years in whatever capacity I have had with the MSA, it really has been a very exciting and rewarding experience! Without all of you, there is no MSA.

Member Representatives

Tracy Lynch
My name is Tracy Lynch and I have been working at MacEwan University for 5 years in a full-time continuing Accessibility Assistant position at Access & Disability Resources. I am currently completing my M.Ed. at University of Calgary. Previously, I have served as the MSA representative on the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee. This committee was established to develop an inventory on a Culture of inclusion at the University. I enjoyed this committee work very much as it has allowed me to contribute to the wider MacEwan community outside of my own department. I also served on the I.D.E.A. leaders awards committee where we acknowledge the efforts of outstanding MacEwan citizens.

As member representatives are the eyes and ears of the membership, I think it is important that we, as members, step forward into these roles, contribute to our association and support one another. 

Celine Miller
Celine has been at the university since her graduation from MacEwan nearly 33 years ago. During this time, she has held administrative support positions with the School of Business, Faculty Development, Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA), and, currently, Internal Audit and Risk Management/Office of Emergency Management. In these roles, she has had the opportunity to make lasting connections with MSA members from across the university. In particular, her past position with GMUFA provided her with the opportunity to listen to member concerns and connect faculty members with the appropriate resources, and observe the interpretation and application of the collective agreement to a variety of situations.

Celine believes that the strength of a professional association lies with its members, and that members need to be able to voice their concerns and express their opinions and ideas in a safe and supportive environment. She currently sits on the MSA Board (as Secretary-Treasurer), MSA Finance Committee, MSA Member Engagement Committee, and MSA Negotiation Committee. This MSA experience, along with her desire to continue serving the membership of MSA, position her well to return to the role of Member Rep for MSA. She is a friendly, caring, and approachable person who would welcome the opportunity to listen to members, help them address their challenges, and bring forward their ideas.

Erika Pinder

First and foremost, I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and am married to a most wonderful husband. They continue to keep me grounded (especially during this pandemic) and remain my most faithful of support systems.

I currently serve as a member of the PD committee, and have previously served as the PD chair back in 2018/2019 just prior to having my son. It was such an insightful position to be in and I enjoyed very much being able to learn the many dealings of MSA back then. As many will know, things have certainly changed in the last year (and more). It’s important, now, more than ever, that we, grow strong in our voices and continue to be heard in a time where the human connection isn’t quite as prevalent. We must unite to grow together in this time of great change. Not only are we dealing with a change in work environment, but a change in working structure, as well as professional and personal relationship changes. We must continue to ensure that our opinions, ideas, worries, and opportunities continue to remain at the forefront of importance in order to create the best working relationship we can between ourselves (MSA) and MacEwan University.

I look forward to being a voice for you, or even just a sounding board. I believe that the MSA Member position is pivotal in ensuring that all members are heard, and that information be translated as clearly as possible. It would be an honor to provide this service to you.

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