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October 26, 2020 - by admin - in Announcements

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As a follow-up to MSA’s communication in the latest MSA newsletter about jurisdiction, MSA has filed two applications with the Alberta Labour Relations Board. This filing is regarding the ongoing jurisdictional determination of MacEwan University employees. After considerable deliberation with our legal counsel we separated the two matters: one specific to Advising, and the other regarding the entire Jurisdictional matter.  As discussed with our members many times in the past, MSA has tried to work with the University since 2007 regarding the issue of which positions (and employees who perform those jobs) rightfully belong within the MSA bargaining unit, and which are “academic” and should therefore be in the Faculty Association, and which positions can legitimately be excluded as Out-Of-Scope under the legislation. With the recent restructuring in Advising, and the University’s practice of excluding certain employees from either bargaining unit, we have taken the step to formalize our concerns with the Alberta Labour Relations Board and seek their assistance to resolve the matter. We understand how important this issue is to our members and we will continue to defend MSA’s bargaining rights and work towards a positive outcome for our membership and the currently unrepresented employees of MacEwan. We encourage any employees of MacEwan University who are currently not represented by a union to contact MSA to express your desire to be included in our bargaining unit. 

A copy of the applications submitted to the Labour Board can be found here for Advisors, and here for the general Application for Determination. If you would like more information about the designation of academic staff see Criteria for the Designation of Academic Staff, as passed by the Board of Governors on March 5, 2020.

If you have further questions, please contact MSA at m**@**

For more information, please see official correspondence here:

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