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November 10, 2023 - by admin - in Announcements

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Thank you to the following members who put their names forward for the MSA Negotiations Committee. We will be electing four committee members. Voting will take place via Survey Monkey on November 17.

Sydney Bremner

Sydney Bremner works in kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre.

Tom Evans

Hello everyone! My name is Tom Evans. I am requesting your vote to become your representative on the MSA Negotiation Committee. I am a proud alumna of MacEwan University. Before working at MacEwan, I was an Accountant and Financial Analyst at Saville Systems for 10 years, then spent the next 10 years at IBM as a PeopleSoft Finance Consultant. I’ve worked at MacEwan as a Business Analyst in the ERP Business Support Office for almost 13 years… time flies! My most important job, though, is Dad to 3 teenage boys. In these different roles over the years, I believe I’ve developed a skill set that would be helpful to the committee: the ability to listen and to understand complex issues, to provide effective solutions and to clearly communicate those solutions. One of my most satisfying assignments at MacEwan came last year as a representative on the previous negotiations committee. However, I believe we can all agree we have unfinished business there and I would appreciate your support in continuing this journey.

Le Huynh

My name is Ngoc (Le) Huynh, I’m a part of the Facilities Department as custodian team for 10
years and 11 months. As well I’m a student; I studied the Business Administration course for 4 years and completed. As well I’m still studying Social media and digital Marketing as of this year, I’ll be graduating this end of year term. As a MSA member, I’m interested in this position to gain my experience and challenges to learn more.

Jeff Mawson

Jeff Mawson was born an Alberta, in Edmonton on December 31, 1970  and cares deeply about his Province and community. He has two siblings; one sister lives here in Edmonton, the other in Penticton, BC. 

After graduating from Bonnie Doon School, Jeff’s career started at the Alberta Liquor Control Board. After four years at ALCB, he moved on to work at Building Products of Canada Corp where he worked as maintenance worker for two years. On February 1, 1993, before CCC was built, Jeff joined Grant MacEwan University in the Facilities department where he still remains but now as the Supervisor of General services and grounds. 

One of Jeff’s proudest achievements at Grant MacEwan was to have been awarded The Students Association Champion in 2006. Jeff also volunteered for the inner school hot lunch program at Macaulay School. Which comes as no surprise as Jeff is known to be a friendly, outgoing individual who cares about the people he interacts with on a daily basis. He is also known for his deep values which include integrity, honesty and kindness to others. 

After 31 years the most important thing Grant MacEwan University has taught Jeff is how to be part of a team and, with his promotion five years ago to Grounds and Operations Supervisor, how to lead one of the most important teams at the university.

Jeff Mawson is a huge asset to Grant MacEwan University.

Heather Molzan

My name is Heather Molzan and I’m respectfully asking for your vote to elect me to your Bargaining Committee.

Previously I’ve served on the Bargaining Committee, as a Member Representative, and on the Finance Committee. I bring an inclusive perspective with an acute sense of fairness to serve your interests in bargaining. Committee leadership is strong and strategic, so I believe my strengths and perspectives complement and support that. I would provide a thoughtful and open-minded voice to the negotiations team, to help strengthen and improve the collective agreement for the best outcomes possible, with fairness and benefit to MSA members.

As an Advisor I meet people of all sorts of backgrounds and treat each with the respect they deserve and provide the support they need. Whether or not I can answer the question, I work to ensure they have the resources to get what they need. I would do that for you on the Bargaining Committee, and reflect on our beautifully diverse membership needs – I’d welcome you to always send me a message or visit me in 5-265C with ideas, concerns or requests for the committee.

With over 16 years of experience at MacEwan University, I’ve seen growth and exciting changes. As we all know, though, not every change makes us feel good and the role of our MSA is to support every member through changes and challenges, with the collective agreement being part of our strong foundation.

Thank you for considering me for the Bargaining Committee.

Stephanie Motley

I started at MacEwan as a student, and after I graduated in 2011, I began working for MacEwan. I started out in the Office of the University Registrar, and eventually became a Functional Analyst for the School of Continuing Education. I am now the supervisor of the Student Services Center for the School of Continuing Education, and I find the work to be very rewarding. I enjoy working with people and finding solutions to problems presented. I am a very analytical person but I also understand flexibility is needed when working with areas that have different viewpoints. I have a common sense approach to most problems and enjoy working with others to find compromises and solutions.

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