MSA is committed to enhancing the work environment and advocating the interests of its members while contributing to the success of the University.

The Non-Academic Staff Association was formed in the early 1980s with the purpose of having a body to promote aims/objectives of the Non-Academic Staff. The goals of that time are still present today. Following a majority vote of members at the Spring General Meeting on the 13th of June 2001, the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) changed their name to the MacEwan Staff Association.

MSA members’ jobs vary thoughout the MacEwan University – this includes administrators, clerical personnel, research analysts, education assistants, finance staff, customer service representatives, mailroom staff, cooks, child care workers, maintenance service workers, custodians, library staff, computer technicians, parking staff, electricians, plumbers, program advisors, graphic designers, marketing consultants, buyers, and event planners.

MSA is a union controlled directly by our members who elect their executive. Under the direction of the executive, MSA staff manage the daily functions of the Union.

Our History

The MacEwan Staff Association was formed in the early 1980’s under the name “The Non-Academic Staff Association”. The purpose of the association is to promote the aims and objectives of the non-academic staff at Grant MacEwan College.

On June 13, 2001 our name officially changed to the MacEwan Staff Association and on July 10, 2006 we became a certified union with our certification as a bargaining agent by the Alberta Labour Relations Board.

Since that time, Grant MacEwan College has grown considerably and developed into MacEwan University. MSA continues to provide representation and services in the areas of labour relations, disability management and collective bargaining for its members.

 MSA’s Goals & Objectives

  • Act as the bargaining agent for MSA members and enter into collective agreements concerning terms and conditions of work and employment;
  • Interpret, administer and protect the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement;
  • Encourage advancement of MSA members by supporting fair and just recruitment and selection practices;
  • Educate and communicate MSA mission, goals and objectives to its members to foster member support;
  • Promote and support a healthy and safe work environment;
  • Build stronger recognition of MSA as equal stakeholders in the University community;
  • Promote harmony, dignity and good will among MSA members and the post-secondary community;
  • Promote and enhance professional development for MSA members;
  • Promote social activities for MSA members.

Promoting a Workplace Free from Discrimination

MSA is committed to a workplace free from discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, colour, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, and marital or family status. We will actively work to change personal, institutional and societal biases, confront systems and acts of discrimination, and take conscious and deliberate action to provide equitable opportunities for all people. In addition to challenging systemic oppression of marginalized groups, MSA is committed to developing a workplace environment in which personal privilege is acknowledged, and all people feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm.

Your MSA Board and Staff

Sarah Alexander


Sarah began her career at MacEwan University in 2015 and is serving a second term as Member Representative with the MSA. She has contributed to two Collective Bargaining Agreements on the Negotiations...

Lee-Ann Jeffrey

Vice-President, Admin Assistant

Lee-Ann has been an employee of MacEwan since 2001. She has worked in a variety of areas, all within the Faculty of Arts & Science; currently she is in the Dean’s office. Lee-Ann joined the ...

Ayman Yousuf


Ayman has always lived by the words, never ask for less problems, ask for more skills. He is completing his BSc with a major in Physical Sciences, and a minor Economics and has been employed at MacEwa...


Professional Development Chair

The current position of PD Chair position is vacant. Term Expires June 30, 2024...

Nina Delling

BoG Rep

Nina has a comprehensive background in University administration and governance. With Masters degrees from both Universität Leipzig and University of Alberta, Nina began her career with MacEwan U...

Shawna Jansen

Member Representative

Since starting at MacEwan University in 2002, Shawna has held numerous positions in different schools, faculties and departments while being an active MSA member. Fortunately, this has allowed her to ...

Sarah Fee

Member Representative

Sarah has been employed at MacEwan since 2002. She started in Financial Services as a student in the accounting co-op program and soon after was hired as a full time continuing employee. She has held ...

Ramona Korpan

Member Representative

I’m a writer and project coordinator with the Office of Communications and Marketing, and am serving my second term as a member of the MSA Negotiations committee. I’ve been at MacEwan for ...

Celine Miller

Member Representative

Celine is a MacEwan graduate and has worked at MacEwan for 30 years. She has held administrative support positions within the School of Business, Faculty Development, Grant MacEwan University Faculty ...

Kirsten Milner

Member Representative

The opportunity to serve MSA as a Member Representative for a second time is exciting. Kirsten has been involved with the Association for the past eight years in several capacities: Communications Com...

Harry Oosterhoff

Executive Director

Harry brings to the MSA a wealth of experience in interest-based bargaining and collaborative labour relations. He has represented numerous bargaining units through the processing and resolution of gr...

Britany Thiessen

LR Generalist

Britany has a B.A. in Politics from the University of Winnipeg and a Human Resources Management diploma from NAIT. Her 8 years of previous experience in various Human Resources roles has brought her e...

Nicole Moeller

Office Administrator

Nicole has been with the MacEwan Staff Association for eight years. With a background in communications and the arts, Nicole has worked in administration, marketing and communications for over ten yea...


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